Results of the Open Class for males at the 2010 German Sieger Show held in Nurnberg 3-5 September 2010

Judge Reinhardt Meyer.

Results supplied by Dennis Fisher.


In addition to listing the names of the dogs that received top positions, you will find brief details of the pedigrees of these animals.

In providing details of these pedigrees mention has also been made of dogs in the pedigrees that failed the test of courage.

While this can be useful information for the serious breeder interested in breeding animals with strong temperament, it must be remembered that this is just one aspect of breeding.  

One must always keep in mind that there are many instances where dogs and bitches, that didn’t do particular well in the test of courage at  the Sieger Shows,  have produced animals with completely sound,  strong temperaments.

Note for dedicated German Shepherd dog enthusiasts.

This report contains only brief details of the bloodlines of these dogs that received top positions at the 2010 Sieger Show.   If you are interested in finding out more detailed information about the bloodlines of the top German Shepherds in Germany over the past years, you are invited to read the  various articles that appear on my website that I set up with the sole purpose of providing any information I can to anyone keen to know more about the breed.

If  there are any questions you would like to ask about specific dogs I will do my best to answer if you e-mail me at


V.A  Dogs and top 10 placed v dogs.

V.A. 1  Sieger:   Ober von Bad Boll.

Ober was placed V.A. 5  at last year’s Sieger Show. Sired by the Quantum v. Arminius son – Giovanni vom Kappellenberg,
Sg. 5 in the JKLR in 2004.

Dam – Aike zum Gigelfelsen – daughter of V.A. Kevin vom Murrtal  -  sired by double Sieger 1998/1999 Rikkor v. Bad Boll

Aike was V.A. 11 in 2004 but failed courage in 2003.

Ober  did particularly  well in the Test of courage at the 2009 Sieger Show.  This year he was one of the top placed dogs in this test.

V.A. 2-  Remo vom Fichtenschlag.

At the Sieger Show last year in 2009, Remo was V.A.  6.

In 2008 Remo was only placed S.G. 21 by Otto Korber in the Jugendklasse.
He has  matured tremendously in the past two years and in addition he has proved to be an excellent Sire.

His Sire,  Ray vom Firchtenschlag, a son of Dux de Cuatro Flores, is  now in Australia. Dux is a son of the important V.A. dog Hill vom Farbenspiel.

Remo’s Dam, Thora v. Fichtenschlag,- a sister of  the V.A bitch “Tiana” -  is a  daughter of Wilko v. Fichtenschlag, a dog that failed courage in 2005 and again in 2007.

Wilko is a son of the  excellent  V.A. dog,   Orbit v. Tronje who was an outstanding Sire.


V.A.3 – Yerom vom Haus Salihin.

Yerom was V.A.  and reserve Sieger last year.

Sire- Mark vom Schwalmbergtal – V 8 2005 Sieger Show. V7 – 2004.(Sired by  Henry von der Dunieschenke V9, son of V.A. Esko v. Danieschen Hof)

Dam – Ira vom Schwalmbergtal- Sired by Kally v.der Hopfenhalle – SG3 – Junghundklasse 1996.


V.A. 4 – Kwantum vom Klostermoor.

Kwantum was also V.A. 4 at the 2009 Sieger Show.

Sired by the 2006 Sieger Zamp Thermodos – sired by Quantum v. Arminius.

Dam of Quantum – Hanni von der Waldgraben – sired by the Double Sieger – 2004 and 2005 – Larus v. Batu.

Kwantum is one of the Zamp son’s with  strong temperament.  His performance in 2008 in the test of courage was exceptional and was also excellent in 2009 and this year.


V.A 5 – Shicco von der Freiheit Westerholt

Shico was V.A 6 last year.

Shicco was winner of  Youth Sieger title in 2008 in an exceptionally strong class of top quality dogs.

Sire- Maestro vom Osterberger Land – V 25 in 2006.  Exported to China-V.A. in Peking in 2006.

Maestro was sired by the V.A. DOG Nero v. Nobachtal, son of the V.A. DOG Enzo v. Burchhorn.

Shicco’s Dam, Nannila von der Freiheit Westerholt was V4 at the 2008 Sieger show. She is a daughter of the 2007 Sieger Pakros di Ulmental out of Fritzi v.d. Freiheit Westerholt, who failed courage and was T3 in 2004.


V.A. 6   Arex von der Wilhelmswarte

Arex was V.2 last year.   He has been very popular stud this year with many top breeders.

Another excellent  son of the double Sieger, Vegas, out of Ulli von Aurelius.   Ulli was V14 in 2006 and V.A at the Italian Sieger Show in 2005.  She was sired by the V.A. dog, Nero v. Nobachtal, son of Enzo von Buchhorn.

The Dam of Ulli was an Italian bred bitch Prisca del Lagora.

V.A 7  Ustinov vom Romerland

V 1 at the 2009 Sieger Show.

Ustinov is proving a popular stud and  is being used by many top breeders.  His temperament is  very sound.

The Sire of Ustinov is the V.A. 2. Reserve Sieger Quantum, son of Dux della Valcovia, V.A 6 in 2001, V.A 8 in 2003, but in 2004 he was T4 and failed due to insufficient control.

His Dam is Kina von Lacroz sired by Quarz Thermodos son of Kimbo v. Monchberg, She was T3 in 2003 having failed the courage test.

V.A 8   Gigolo von der Barenschlucht

At the 2009 Sieger show Gigolo was V 5

Gigolo was sired by the 2006 Sieger Zamp v. Thermodos  son Ole v. Fichtenslag.  Ole’s Dam was  the V.A. 2 bitch in 2001, Yonka v. Fichtenschlag.

The Dam  of Gigolo was Una vom Winnloh, sired by Ghandi of Arlett, out of Britt v. Winnloh.


V.A. 9

Quattro v.d. Partnachklamm was Jugend Sieger last year under Hans Ludger Goke, who praised him very enthusiastically.

Born on the  11th March 2008, he is still a very young dog to be placed in the V.A. class.

Obviously  Reinhardt Meyer  thinks very highly of the young dog to  have placed him in such a high position

Regarded as one of  Zamp’s most promising sons, he is very highly thought of by the top German breeders who have already used him at stud to their best bitches.

Sire, Zamp.   Dam Ora vom Mudesheimerland – a daughter of  the highly regarded, Euro von Media, an Urus son.

Ora’s dam is Hanka vom Mudesheimerland, a daughter of Mischalands  Simon who was  Youth Sieger in 1997, and is a son of the important Max della Loggia di Mercanta, a dog with exceptionally  good movement.

V.A. 10 – Sultan v.d. Jahnhohe –  Junghund Sieger last year.

Sired by the Double Sieger “Vegas” – 2008 and 2009 – out of Irmi v.d. Jahnhohe.

Irmi was sired by Timo v.d. Jahnhohe our of Carolin vom Fichtenschlag.   Timo was a son of the excellent producer  Wallace aus Agrigento.


V.A. 11 – Nino v. Tronje – Second to Sultan in the  Junghund class at last year’s Sieger Show, Nino has already been very widely used  by many German breeders.

Sired by the Baru v. Haus  Yu son,  Krok Karanberg, his Dam, Nadja von Jabora is a daughter of Quentin Karanberg.

V.A. 12   Guccy y v. Heinrichplatz-  Sired by the Reserve Sieger in  2008  Odin vom Holtkamper Hof, out of Juma vom Heinrichplatz, a daughter of the V1 DOG, Karat’s Yoker.  Guccy was only S.G. 12  in the Junghundklasse at the last year’s Sieger Show. This represents quite a dramatic improvement in position. It would appear that Reinhardt  Meyer has shown a tendency to favour animals sired by Odin as he is regarded as being a dog that consistently produces good temperaments


V.A. 13 Paer v. Hasenborn

Paer  was V 3 at last year’s Sieger Show.

Paer is proving to be a very popular stud and is being used by a great many well-known breeders.  He was second to Shicco in the Youth class last year and was sired by the very important,  very  successful dominant Sire, Quenn v. Loher Weg.

Quenn was sired by Uran v. Moorbeck who was T3 at the 2004 Sieger Show and T2 at the U.S.A Sieger Show in 2006 but Quenn himself has a perfectly sound, strong temperaments as do many of his sons and daughters.

Paer’s Dam is Yada vom Mittelwest, who was sired by the Baru v. Haus Yu son Stano vom Hasenborn, now in the  the United States.


V1   Peik  v. Holtkamper Hof

Peik was V 11 last year.  He is Sired by the Yak von Frankengold son, Ilbo vom Holtkamper See, who was V.A. 4 at Aachen in 2008, out of Rema v. Holtkampfer See, a daughter of the very good producer, Wallace Agrigento.



V2   Mentos v. Osterbergerland

This was a very interesting placing.

Mentos was  only SG 38 last year in the jugendklasse, judged by Hans Goke.  This is a remarkable improvement from last year.  Hans Goke did however, give Mentos an excellent report, but drew attention to the fact that his hocks were still loose.  Obviously there has been a dramatic improvement in the tightening of his hock.

Mentos is Sired by  Nando vom Gollerweiher, the  son of the V.A. DOG  Yello v. St. Michaels Berg, out of Quencie vom Osterbergerland, a daughter of Nicos v. Leithawald.

Reinhardt Meyer had the opportunity of seeing Mentos at the Dutch Sieger Show earlier this year, where he was placed a very high V.A. 3.


V3   Gio v. Frankengold – sired by Ingodds Agassi,  V.A considered one of the best son  of Ghandi v. Arlett.    Gio was placed the Jugendklasse at the 2007 Sieger Show.

Gio’s Dam  is Daggi v. Frankengold, a daughter of the very well bred Zeppo v. Klibiner Schloss out of Fanny v. Frankengold.

Daggi failed courage  test – T4 – at the 2007 Sieger Show and was placed SG 98 in the Junghundklasse  in 2005.



V4   Digger v. Elzmundungsraum- sired by the Sieger Zamp, out of Xantia vom Elzmundungsraum, who was Reserve Siegerin – V.A. 2 IN 2002,  but who failed courage – T3  - in 2001.

Digger has been placed in top positions for a number of years at Sieger Shows. He was V. 8 in 2009 at Ulm, and V 11 in Aachen in 2008.  He has always done consistently well in the test of courage.



V5   Bill v.d. Furstenau – This American owned dog, was V 20 last year in 2009, and was  U.S.A. Sieger in the same year.

 Bill v. Furstenau, was sired by the very successful and dominant Sire Quenn v. Loher Weg, Reserve Sieger  in 2007 out of the Sieger Bx. V. Luisenstrasse daughter Viola v.Haus Seltenreich.



V6   Cirrius v. Haus Thalie – this Belgian bred dog, V 22 last year was sired by the top Zamp son,  Negus v. Holtkamper See, -V.A. 3 in 2008. 

Cirrius was was Belgium Sieger last year  and Holland Sieger a the the Dutch Sieger show that took place earlier this year, judged by Reinhardt Meyer.   His Dam is the Belgian bred bitch Valeriane v. Haus Thalie.- grand-daughter of the important  V.A. 7 DOG Ghandi v. Arlett.

It is interesting  to note that although Cirrius was placed first and Mentos  V.A. 3 at the Holland Sieger Show by Reinhard Meyer,  this order was changed at this year's Sieger Show. 

Clearly Herr Meyer thought that the performance of Mentos on the day was superior  to that of Cirrius.




V 7  Koby v. Fidelius – This son of the important Quenn v. Loher Weg son, Godalis Tino , a dog  the breeder  Henning Setzer thinks very highly of, has made a dramatic improvement from last year when he was placed 33rd. by Klaus Gothe in the Junghundklasse.

His Dam is the very well bred Ossina vom Fichtenschlag, a Zamp daughter out of the V.A. 2 Reserve Siegerin Yonka v. Fichtenschlag.

This combination of Quenn and Zamp  bloodlines frequently produces quality animals.


V8   Hatto v. Huhnegrab  is another top dog sired by by the 2008 Reserve Sieger Odin v. Holtkamper Hof out of  Yonna vom Huhnegrab. 

 Yonna, V1at the Sieger Show in 2006, is a daughter  of the double Sieger Larus v. Batu and has produced a number of excellent animals.   Her Dam is the excellent producing V.A. bitch – V.A. 4 Betty v. Huhnegrab – in 2001, who comes from a long line of V.A. bitches.


V9   Ober della Valcuvia- V 15 last year is another excellent Zamp son from the well-known very successful Italian,  della valcuvia kennels.  As is well knonw, Zamp, is a son of the  Reserve Sieger and important Sire in his own right, Quantum von Arminius.

Quantum is  a son of the V.A, dog Dux della Valcujvia.  Ober’s Dam, Mary della Valcuvia   is a  daughter of Dux della Valcuvia and so this close breeding on Dux.



V 10   Ballack zur worringer Rheinaue is another son of the Reserve Sieger Odin v. Holtkamper Hof.

 His Dam Grappa zur worringer Rheinaue  was sired by Flipp v. Arlett.
It’s possible that Ballack, who was V 23 last year, and V 68 in 2008, owes his high placing because of his exceptional working ability.  

When one examines the bloodlines of these V.A. and top V animals it is clear how strong the influence of Zamp v. Thermodos is.  His name appears time and again in the pedigrees of these animals.  Quenn v. Loher Weg has also made a significant contribution to the breed, as has Odin vom Holtkamper Hof.

Although Vegas had only two animals in the top placings – Arex von der Wilhelmswarte   and Sultan v.d. Jahnhohe, one of his best sons the V.A 8  dog last year Bojan vom Pendler, for various reasons that had nothing at all to do with his show condition, was not shown.  Bojan however, sired the outstanding young male Ypsilon vom Laerchenhain that was S.G. 2 in a very strong Junghundklasse.

On a personal note, I was very fortunate to be able to buy the litter brother of Ypsilon - Yukatan vom Laerchenhain.   This young dog is an absolute joy and delight  to have in our home   Besides being a very promising Show dog, his temperament is absolutely perfect.